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Well - started this networking for shiznits 'n giggles, turned into something I now pass my time with, among other things. 31 year old lesbian, feminist - equal right activist. Into a lot of things - all sorts of art, tv shows, movies, several fandoms (brittana, xena/gab, supernatural, oitnb) to name a few. list goes on. I like hippie blogs, nature; etc. I'm pagan but reblog pagan/wiccan and alike. Sometimes you'll see my own work, occasional selfies or whatever I feel like. I won't get offended if you unfollow, I don't tolerate annon hate. I'm fully aware I have minors who follow me, I don't filter, but I also will not reblog porn even though I'm a big reblogger especially with mutual followers/rebloggers. You can message, I won't bite unless you're rude/disrespectful. Enjoy :) 

True Blood cast attends SDCC 2014

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"Game of Thrones"

with makeup and without

So basically they are all just really gorgeous all the frickin time

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"Dude, lesbians love me. I’m tall, I have a deep voice, I’m like ‘Hello, Catnip!’ - Laura Prepon 

"Dude, lesbians love me. I’m tall, I have a deep voice, I’m like ‘Hello, Catnip!’ - Laura Prepon 

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I think women get tired of the standards that hollywood continues to impose. On our beauty, on how we should look, on how we should behave, on what is sexually desirable, on what it is that men want. Finally, this is a series about us, and people dig it. - Kate Mulgrew

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Rune Series: Dagaz



Name Variants: dagaz, dags, dæg, dagr

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"I want to protect you but … it is so hard. To be strong. I don’t always know what I should do. I must know, though. I am all they have. I am the queen … the … the …”

“… mother,” whispered Missandei.

“Mother to dragons.” Dany shivered.

“No. Mother to us all.

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Finding out you can watch an entire season at once:


Finding out the next season won’t come out til 2015:


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when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.


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More reasons to love cats.

What are cats even.

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